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Jesus Redeemed Us Once and for All When He Was Baptized and Bled on the Cross

Jesus was baptized and took away all sins once and for all. God saves those who believe in the baptism and the blood of Jesus, but abandons those who do not believe. They go to hell. Therefore, whether we are saved or not depends on what we believe. Jesus delivered the world from all sins. Those who believe are saved, and the ones who do not believe are not yet saved because they have made God a liar.

People do not go to hell for their weaknesses, but for their lack of belief. "He who does not believe God has made Him a liar" (1 John 5:10). Those who do not believe that all their sins were passed onto Jesus still have sin in their hearts. They cannot say that they don't have sin.

Once, I met a deacon and asked him, "Deacon, were all your sins gone when you believed in Jesus?"

"Of course they were."

"Then, since Jesus took all the sins of the world and said that 'it was finished,' you have been saved. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, I have been saved."

"Then you must be without sin."

"Yes, I am."

"What happens if you sin again?"

"We are only human. How could we not sin again? So we have to repent and wash away our sins every day."

This deacon still has sin in his heart because he does not know the complete truth of redemption.

The likes of him are the ones who mock God and make Him a liar. Did Jesus, who is God, fail to get rid of all the sins of the world? It is very upsetting. If Jesus had not gotten rid of all sins, how could He be the God of Salvation? How could He tell us to believe in Him? Are you going to make Him a liar? I advise you not to do that!

The Bible tells us not to mock Him. This means to not make Him a liar and try to deceive Him. He is not like us.

The Apostle John tells us precisely about the gospel of redemption. Many people do not want to believe in the things that God did for us — the fact that Jesus Christ came by water, blood, and the Spirit.

There are two groups of Christians: those who do not believe as the Bible says and confess, "I am a sinner," and those who believe in all the things that God has done for them and confess with faith, "I am righteous." Which group do you think is telling the truth?

Those who do not believe in the things that God did, in other words, who do not admit the witness of the water, the blood, and the Spirit, are lying. They have false faiths. The ones who do not believe make God a liar.

Do not make Him a liar. Jesus came to the Jordan River and thus, (by being baptized) fulfilled all righteousness (took away the sins of the world).

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